Price Protection Programs

Interested in adding predictability to your heating oil budget this winter? Choose a Nash Bros. Oil price protection program for greater convenience, savings, and peace of mind. Before you sign, please read the terms and conditions.

You are not obligated to sign up for any of these programs in order to remain on automatic delivery. These programs are voluntary only. If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions please call our office for assistance.

Contract runs for 12 month period from the time you sign. Prices below are good only while supplies last.

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Plan 1: Pre-Buy Lock-In Program

Plan 2: Price Protection Budget Program

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Please place a check mark in the box next to the plan you choose to select, complete information above and below and remit copy of this agreement with appropriate payment.

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By checking the box and "signing" above you acknowledge you have read and agree to this contact in its entirety, including the terms and conditions. For business entities contract must be signed by authorized agent and will serve as personal guarantee.